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Network Our Infrastructure

Fiberhub operates network PoP's in some of the most carrier-dense facilities in the world.

  • 10Gbps private transport between each facility
  • Multiple 10Gbps uplinks to carriers like NTT, Cogent, HE.Net and more
  • Latest generation Brocade networking gear
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100 Gbps+

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Fiberhub Network Services

Fiberhub offers a wide variety of IP Transit and IP Transport solutions suitable for all types of clients. Whether you want a simple bundled bandwidth solution, or require connections to multiple Tier-1 carriers and peering exchanges, we can help.

IP Transit Services

Our blended IP transit service is performance-optimized to multiple Tier-1 networks and public peering exchanges and also includes free on-demand DDoS Protection.

IP Transport Services

Fiberhub offers affordable Ethernet transport between each of our locations and select carrier-neutral facilities.

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DDoS Protected Network

We offer basic mitigation to enterprise level protection.

If you can't afford to have your website or application down due to an attack, our Basic DDoS Mitigation Service can help. Our system will filter the attack traffic while allowing the legitimate traffic to pass through our filters, keeping your website or application up at all times.

If you need higher levels of protection, an uptime SLA, or a have an sensitive application that requires full-time mitigation, our Enterprise DDoS Protection may be the right solution for you.

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Test our download speed

Datacenter IP Address Download
Las Vegas 25 MB 100 MB 1000 MB Learn More
Dallas 25 MB 100 MB 1000 MB Learn More
Seattle 25 MB 100 MB 1000 MB Learn More
Miami Learn More