At Fiberhub, we understand the importance of having choices when it comes to network services. That’s why, unlike many of our competitors, we don’t lock our customers in to using any one particular network provider. Fiberhub operates our LAS1 datacenter in a carrier-neutral manner – you can easily cross-connect to any carrier with a presence in our facility.  You can purchase your services directly from any of our various carriers, or our team of network services experts can make all of the arrangements for you – the choice is yours.

For customers who want the advantages of a fully-redundant network with multiple upstream connections, Fiberhub also offers the option to utilize our BGP4 multi-homed IP Transit and Dedicated Internet Access services.  Our blended network utilizes upstream transit and peering connections to multiple Tier-1 networks, providing our customers with improved redundancy and performance.


10G Fiber Connections IP Transit / Dedicated Internet – Fiberhub offers premium blended IP Transit and Dedicated Internet services to customers in select Points of Presence (PoP’s), including our LAS1 datacenter.  Our BGP4 multi-homed network utilizes upstream transit and peering connections to some of the world’s largest, most-connected networks.
rack switch Network PartnersFiberhub has partnered with some of the finest carriers and network operators in the world in order to give our customers access to a wide array of IP Transit, Dedicated Internet Access, and Data Transport Services.  Find out how we can assist you with your connectivity and interconnection needs.
network patch panel Business Internet Access – Are you tired of slow, unreliable Business Internet Access services?  Cable and DSL modem Internet services are adequate for home users, but they offer limited speeds and reliability.  Find out how Fiberhub can supercharge your business internet, with speeds up to 10Gbps!