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Fiberhub selects Noction IRP for Intelligent Traffic Routing

Fiberhub, a provider of Colocation and Network Services, has announced the deployment of Noction Intelligent Routing Platform, a route optimization system designed to dramatically  boost network performance by detecting the optimal path for the network traffic.

Las Vegas, Nevada – November 26th, 2012

Fiberhub specializes in providing colocation and network services for bandwidth-intensive  applications, such as streaming media and content delivery, as well as providing wholesale solutions for hosting service providers. The company’s network utilizes upstream transit and peering connections to multiple Tier-1 networks, such as Inteliquent, Cogent, and Hurricane Electric, as well as private and public peering.

Before IRP deployment, Fiberhub was relying upon manual optimization of their BGP routing decisions in order to increase performance and manage network traffic. BGP is a fundamental technology for the fault-tolerance of the Internet, which chooses network paths based on the number of hops traffic must traverse before it reaches its destination. Nevertheless, BGP does not take into account important factors of network performance. Therefore, as a result of
network congestion and outages, paths selected by BGP sometimes experience higher latency or packet loss. Manual adjustments to the BGP configuration are time consuming and require constant reviews, making the task of maintaining a high performing network difficult.  Noction IRP determines the fastest path for the traffic by analyzing real-time performance metrics. The process is fully automated, which allows fast re-routing of Fiberhub’s traffic around major network outages and 24/7 proactive performance monitoring, without the manual intervention that was previously necessary to keep Fiberhub`s network running optimally. Moreover, with Noction IRP, Fiberhub staff can instantly pinpoint problems and find solutions accordingly. IRP reporting allows network engineers to monitor and diagnose performance using real-time statistics on a variety of metrics including packet loss, latency and jitter.

“Deploying the Noction IRP platform has made a tremendous difference in the workload necessary to keep our network performance at the high levels our customer expect,” stated Rob Tyree, Fiberhub Vice President. “Instead of making constant adjustments to our BGP routing configuration as was necessary in the past, our technicians now have a single tool they can rely upon for network performance monitoring and automated adjustments. In addition, we are seeing far fewer support requests related to network performance, which further increases the value that the Noction IRP platform brings to the table.”

About Noction
Noction is a privately funded technology company with offices in North America and Europe.  Founded in 2010, Noction is a fast-growing company providing BGP network performance automation, enabling enterprises to take full advantage of the maximum network performance for business-critical applications such as e-commerce, VoIP, and media streaming across IP networks. For more information please visit or call +1 (650) 618-9823.

About Fiberhub
Fiberhub is a leading provider of colocation and network services based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fiberhub offers colocation and network services in multiple datacenters situated in key locations around the US, including the company’s wholly owned datacenter facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fiberhub specializes in providing colocation and network services for bandwidth-intensive applications such as streaming media and content delivery, as well as providing wholesale solutions for hosting service providers. Founded by veterans of the hosting and telecommunications industries in 2009, Fiberhub has quickly grown to become one of the most trusted names in affordable colocation solutions.

Fiberhub Selects Coolerado to Power Cooling Infrastructure Expansion

Fiberhub is pleased to announce that we have selected Coolerado, a manufacturer of high-efficiency air conditioning systems, to provide the A/C units needed to expand the cooling infrastructure of our LAS1 datacenter.  Our contractors have already completed installation of 24 tons of cooling using Coolerado’s high-efficiency units to augment our existing cooling systems, and we are currently completing the engineering work to add up to an additional 100+ tons over the next 6-12 months on an “as needed” basis.  Due to the highly efficient nature of the units, Fiberhub’s LAS1 datacenter will boast a PUE  under 1.2 once all of our planned cooling upgrades are complete.